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At the end of each year, we usually do a year in funny and a year in sad. There was too much sad in 2016 to wallow in it so instead, let’s focus on the future and look forward to 2017.

It’s gonna be a weird year. We asked some of our favorite funny people to share what they’re looking forward to in the upcoming year. Here’s what they had to say!

Michael Ian Black

Even if I wasn’t on it, I would be looking forward to the new season of Wet Hot American Summer on Netflix later this year. Also, I don’t know if it’s going to be funny or not and I don’t even know if it’s coming out in 2017, but the great author Gary Shteyngart has allegedly been writing a spy thriller and I can’t imagine it will be anything other than amazing. And then, as usual, I look forward to the seething resentment I will feel upon watching all the great comedy produced my friends in the coming months.

Bentzen Ball Day 2-44

Cameron Esposito

I’m looking forward to making Take My Wife Season 2 and more so, hope the country doesn’t end before we get to February.


James Adomian

In general I’m interested in seeing if the Trump presidency will be shocking enough to finally see the emergence of comedy that is politically dangerous and appropriately disrespectful of power, like the situation demands, and like we really needed all along.

I’m looking forward to mainstream television continuing its decline, to the point where publicist-driven celebrity non-satire is ignored in favor of the more dangerous stuff we’re seeing in live comedy (and some podcasts like Chapo Trap House), and where this underground culture could very well overtake the official televised culture that has failed so thoroughly to matter.

Reggie Watts

-Being able to do one pull-up.

-Shifting away from the onslaught of negative politics and focusing on personal, emotional and creative connection to myself and others around me.

Reggie Watts

Beth Stelling

Magic Mike XXL Live at the Hard Rock Hotel.

Will Miles

2017 is going to be fun because weed just became legal in a few states and my goal is to go to all of them to do comedy. I will, of course, test the goods and document my experiences.

Jackie Kashian

I think I’m looking forward to 2018. 2017 promises to be full of “history making moments” By 2018 we’ll be in the event and part way through it.

Matt Braunger

I’m looking forward (personally) to doing my third special, but more than that looking forward to leaning hard on all the amazing comedy and art my fellow comics will put out, I’m staying positive, but I know we’ll need it. We always do.

Roy Wood Jr.

I’m looking forward to hopefully seeing my debut one-hour special premiere Feb. 19, hopefully before Trump kicks black people out the country.

I’m anxious to see how the country evolves or devolves under a Trump presidency.

Janelle James

Things I’m looking forward to this year: Headlining more, interneting less, getting my body zombie apocalypse ready.

Daniel Kibblesmith

Baby Groot

Joel Kim Booster

I just got bangs which is pretty major for me. I’m really excited to see how they might affect my life and career in 2017.

Ian Abramson

My name is Ian Abramson, and here is what I am looking forward to in the new year:

  1. The new Hangover movie.
  2. Finally getting the teeth implants I’ve been saving up for.
  3. To find my clone, and let it murder me.
  4. To start writing “Two Thousand and Late” on all of my checks.
  5. To solve a rubiks cube, but from the inside, not how you’re thinking.

Bentzen Ball Day 3-8

Clark Jones

Without question, those Chris Rick and Chappelle specials. Netflix made solid investments.

Katherine Jessup

Right now, I’m looking forward to What A Joke, a nation-wide comedy festival benefitting the ACLU over inauguration weekend (1/19-1/21). I’m lucky enough to be an organizer and am stoked for all eight of the shows (and maybe a nap after).

Year long, I’m trying to make something new every week. I want to be better at focusing on what I can do today instead of getting stuck on what I’d like to do someday. 2017: attainable goals and building something bigger one week at a time.

Gary Richardson

I’m excited to see my friends get out and try to exact change. And always love seeing my homies be the funniest people on any show, so I’m looking forward to more of that. 🙂

John Reynolds

I’m looking forward to seeing the things my friends create. I also want to see the Grand Canyon! I heard the damn thing is enormous.

Linsay Deming

I’m looking forward to new and tasty food products from fine establishments like 7-11 and Burger King. I’m not sure how they plan to top Mac n’ Cheetos from 2016, but I know in my heart that it’s possible. If those food scientists just believe in themselves and work hard, they will do something amazing.

103016_Bentzen Ball_Your Spice Place Portraits_169103016_Bentzen Ball_Your Spice Place Portraits_168

Allen Strickland Williams


Julia Weiss

I’m super pumped for Fatimah Asghar and Sam Bailey’s web series Brown Girls. I am a Sam Bailey fan girl. I’m also pumped to see artists be brave and valuable cultural soldiers. And honestly I’m very excited to see how the threat of nuclear war ramps up my love life.

Clare O’Kane

I’m so very excited to see 555, the new anthology of shorts on Vimeo starring and created by the fucking amazing and incomparable Kate Berlant and John Early, directed by the equally talented and overall cool dude with a good tude, Andy DeYoung.

On a ~personal level~, I’m very excited to move to New York at the end of this month. I’m ready to focus on my stand-up in a city I have never lived and I hope to progress creatively and mentally. I’m ready to be cold, miserable, on edge, and constantly in awe. It’s like transferring to a new school, where I hope no one will make fun of my bangs and that everyone will like me immediately (this will not be the case). I just…….want to be…..loved. I would also like to dump my Diva Cup out on Trump tower if possi.

I also hope to figure out if I’m lactose intolerant or not. Anyway! Happy 2017!

T.J. Jagodowski

I’m looking forward to how people of conscience, thoughtful people, well-meaning and clear-minded people will find each other and bind themselves to causes and kindnesses that may be needed more now than in any time in our recent history. And cookies. Huge ass cookies.

Cullen Crawford

I am looking forward to hearing Young Pope’s catchphrase “It’s Pope O’clock and I’m Horny!”

Joe Pera

I am making a video called ‘Ziggy Zoggy Boy’ with my friend Dan Licata that will be online this Tuesday.  We shot and edited it all today and I think its a good video. I haven’t really thought about things past that.  Maybe I will propose to someone Dustin Hoffman Graduate-style.

C.J. Toledano

I was just blindly brought to a screening of 20th Century Women, which was directed by Mike Mills, and loved it so much that I decided to check out his other movie, Beginners. I loved that even more and it might honestly be in my all-time top 10 movies now. I have one more movie of his Thumbsucker and a bunch of his music video stuff that I’m going to spread out and dive into over the next few months. I’m just excited to discover someone’s work that has been in front of me this whole time and I’m excited to study it. He’s like a better Cameron Crowe.

Amy Miller

– I’m excited for another season of Billy on the Street, as I feel like it’s the only thing that’s consistently made me laugh out loud since the election. It gives me hope for comedy and people.

– Can’t wait for all of us pissed off adult women to be jacked up on IUD’s and birth control stockpilles and fucking and punching our way through the next 4 years

Shalewa Sharpe

Like many comedians, I’m looking forward to the new material the Trump administration promised us, but I’m also looking forward to aging gracefully onstage by using current slang correctly.

Kyle Kinane

The apocalypse! It’s the ultimate debt forgiveness! Rack up those credit card bills because it’s not gonna matter for much longer.

Day 1 of the BYT 2014 Bentzen Ball Comedy Festival in Washington, D.C.