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all photos: Priscilla De Lima Ledesma
all words: Svetlana

This past weekend, right next door to each other at 1515 14th street NW, Adamson Gallery and Curator’s office opened two larger than life photographic shows-each dealing, in their own way, with what being a woman means today.

At Adamson, Titouan Lamazou, former world sailor, current photographer and longtime lover of women presented a series of large scale prints of females across the world in a series entitled simply, “Women”.


The show features ladies and not-so-ladylike characters from LA to Uganda to Columbia, each woman defined as much by her surroundings as she is by herself. The women-in their bedrooms, hotel rooms, terraces and night clubs seem almost too obviously posed in a way that allows them to either very carefully pick a way in which they would like to represented or implies a complete surrender to the photographer’s vision of what each one of them stands for in terms of global feminine identity.


Each photo carries a story with itself and it would be curious to find out what Lamazou’s process and communication with the women in question is. Of course, on Adamson’s end-the prints are beautiful and as crisp and revealing as any print you’ll ever see.

Untitled-3_byt Untitled_5_byt

Speaking of crisp and revealing, literally next door on the same floor, the TINY Curator’s office hosted an opening for the LARGER THAN LIFE series of photos by Jason Horowitz called (again, simply) “DRAG” which, as it’s name suggests features close-ups of drag queen’s faces and exposes them in all their (both) meticulousness, and unexpected vulnerability.


Picking such a large format is particularly interesting since it matches the “larger than life” attitude the photos portray to a tee, while also exposing all the secrets of the Queens’ seemingly airbrushed faces. Such close ups reveal more (the new eyebrow arches, the tiny stubble above the overdrawn upper lip, the open pores filled with caked-on powder) than bare faces would. The series has 23 photos albeit only 6 or so prints were able to be exhibited due to the space constraints (I have to say, I personally loved how “in your face” the large prints were in the 8ftx16ft (or so) Curator’s office) and all are 5000 dollars.


Both shows will be up through March 20th, and you should see them

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