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Hi, I watch a lot of TV, meaning I tend to blow through entire seasons in the blink of an eye, and then am left to despair for many months, even YEARS, until new episodes are released! Whether or not you can relate, I’m here to 1. tell you about TV shows I think merit new seasons in 2019, and 2. encourage you to watch the existing seasons of said shows, because they are V. GOOD IMO! So without further adieu (because I imagine you’re going to have a lot of homework after I tell you to watch all of this stuff) let’s get into all of that right now:


If you haven’t seen Dark, just think of it as Germany’s answer to Stranger Things, only way more fucked up and with way more time travel. I don’t want to give away much since the unraveling of the insanely complex plot is half the fun, but I will say it’s one of my favorite shows in recent memory, and it FUCKING DESERVES A NEW SEASON THIS YEAR! Fortunately it has been renewed for a second season, and speculations imply new episodes should be released in 2019. But until there’s an official release date, I’m going to keep crossing my fingers extra-hard. In the meantime, if you haven’t gotten in on the action you’ve got PLENTY of time to get caught up on season one. (My one word of advice would be to watch sober, though, since there’s a lot to keep track of if you want to understand anything at all.)

The End of the F***ing World

This little British gem TRULY KNOCKED MY SOCKS OFF when I binged it in like, thirty seconds last year, and I’m DYING to see what happens to protagonist James (a teen who thinks he might be a psychopath, and grapples with when, where, how and even IF he should murder his spitfire classmate Alyssa) after the suspenseful final moments of the last episode of season one. Some have argued that there shouldn’t be a second season since the Charles S. Forsman graphic novel it’s based on wraps up similarly to season one, but forget the naysayers! Please give us more of this twisted love story and fast! Luckily there was an announcement in August 2018 that there WOULD be more episodes headed our way, but when exactly that’ll be remains unclear.

Derry Girls

Derry Girls has been buzzy as hell lately, thanks in large part to its arrival on Netflix. Meanwhile, ya gurl over here had to hack the goddamn planet to be able to watch it a few months ago. (UGH, so cruel.) Regardless of when or how or even IF you heard about Derry Girls, it’s hands-down SO SO SO GOOD. Focusing on a group of high school girls (and James), it takes place in the nineties in Northern Ireland (during peak Troubles), and it does a great job of portraying how, even in spite of sectarian conflict, life goes on. (And life is also hilarious.) So when will it be back for a second season? The good news is that it’s not only been renewed, but filming has allegedly already wrapped for new episodes. Creator Lisa McGee has hinted at a March release, but there’s not been an official date announced, and we’ll obviously not get it on Netflix until even later, anyway. BUT, here’s hoping the time between now and then flies!


If you’re not hip to Humans, I actually have some GOOD news for you, and that’s that there are three existing seasons for you to get your fix in between now and when (read: IF) the show gets picked up again. But dear god do I hope we get a fourth season! Things were getting so good! YOU CAN’T LEAVE US HANGING! If you’re going, “Wait wait wait, what even the fuck is this show about?” then I’m going, “It’s about the robot/AI revolution, and it’s pretty much an allegory of whatever the fuck is happening right now re: the immigration crisis and deep fear of terrorism.” Heavy, I know! But incredibly timely, and 100% deserving of more episodes.


There is no way you haven’t heard of The Great British Bake Off, so it should come as no surprise that I am demanding more episodes fast. (And if you fell off the wagon post-Mary Berry/Sue Perkins/Mel Giedroyc departure, rest assured that it has not suffered as a result of new hosts.) It’s like the TV form of an antidepressant, and Jesus knows we could all use some episodic Prozac as we hurtle farther and faster toward an increasingly uncertain future LOL! I don’t doubt that there will be a new season in 2019, but there has not been a release date as of this moment. My guess is we’ll have to wait until late summer or early fall, but maybe the baking gods will bless us with an even earlier installment! I CAN DREAM!

Money Heist

I don’t feel optimistic that we’ll get a new season of Spain’s Money Heist, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to call it out as deserving of more episodes. How do you get us to love the shit out of the ultimate ragtag group of bank robbers and then yank them away from us?! I don’t want to tell you about the ending if you haven’t watched the show (YOU SHOULD WATCH THE SHOW), but it wraps up neatly enough that more exposition isn’t exactly merited. HOWEVER, I would argue that there should be some sort of follow-up, whether it’s a new crime scheme in the works, or just a sort of WHERE ARE THEY NOW special. I just miss my dudes!

Making A Murderer

Look, I KNOW (I KNOWWWWW) it’s pretty unrealistic for me to believe a third season of Making A Murderer will be out this year when it took FOREVER for us to be graced with season two. But I just wanna see justice play out! I also wanna see more Kathleen Zellner! WHAT A LEGEND! New episodes have yet to be confirmed by Netflix, but a girl can still hope.

The Haunting of Hill House

HOLY BANANAS, you guys. I don’t think I’ve ever felt more #SHOOK after watching a show than I did with Hill House. This is another one I feel certain you can’t have slept on, but if you need a refresher, it’s about a family coming to terms with its haunted past and present (I mean “haunted” in both the literal and figurative sense), and you better believe I spent about six sessions talking through it with my therapist! Some might argue it wrapped up pretty tightly at the end of season one, and there’s nothing left to resolve, but I definitely disagree. I want more backstories on all the ghosts in that joint! It’s been hinted at that the show WILL return for a second season, but it might not involve our beloved Crane family. Either way, I’m definitely gonna watch if/when new episodes roll out.

The L Word

People have been buzzing about this reboot for a while, and it does look like it’s for sure going to happen! It’s just a matter of when. And I think it should be this year, duh! It’s far too painful to go back and re-watch all of the old seasons, because oh my god, if you haven’t tried it PLEASE NEVER DO. So please god give us some new material. (Also please bring Jenny Schecter back as a gay zombie.)


I only recently got on the bandwagon with Atypical, but it’s really, really good! If you haven’t heard about it, it’s about a teenager on the autism spectrum and his family, and I personally think it’s ultra-charming. It still hasn’t been renewed for a third season, so I would urge all of you to check it out, mostly because I’m hoping that a ratings boost will tip the scales in favor of new episodes.


I LOVED Forever on Amazon Prime, you guys! I just never want it to end! (I WANT FOREVER TO GO ON FOREVER.) Season two is allegedly a possibility, so I’m hopeful on that front! But if you haven’t watched it, make sure you do – Maya Rudolph (and mid-century-modern design) is a gift from god.

Doctor Who

I honestly never thought I’d be a Doctor Who person up until a few years ago, and LOOK AT ME NOW! The newest incarnation of The Doctor is none other than TOTAL QUEEN Jodie Whittaker, and I am 100% obsessed with her contributions to the intergalactic, intertemporal shenanigans. If you like aliens, time travel, feminism, etc., then this show is for you! Slash I hope there is a swift release of a new season, because it’s currently projected for early 2020, and I just cannot wait that long. BRING IT BACK IN 2019 OR THE TARDIS GETS IT!

Black Mirror

I don’t need fancy choose your own adventure style episodes, Black Mirror. I just want a new season, goddammit! And it’s been SO LONG! If there isn’t something in 2019 I’m gonna lose it. There are only so many times a person can watch “San Junipero” on repeat before realizing there is no logical reason why Yorkie and Kelly even like each other! YEAH, I SAID IT! Anyway, Charlie Brooker has said season five awaits us sooner than we think, which is very cryptic and not incredibly helpful, so let’s all think posi-thoughts and hope for “sooner” to equal this year.

People Just Do Nothing

A British mockumentary for those of you who have ever been into jungle music! (Or even those of you who haven’t!) It follows the lives of pirate radio station Kurupt FM’s staff, a group of West London deadbeats who are constantly scheming for money and fame, and coming up short every single time. Super funny, super worth your time! Several seasons are available on Netflix, which I’ve already watched. It’s apparently comfortable concluding with five seasons, and doesn’t plan to do a sixth, but I think they should change their minds! Slash I do hope there’ll at least be a one-off special here and there to keep the party going.

This Country

This is easily one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. Loser cousins Kerry and Kurtan are the subjects of the British mockumentary, and it’s positively brilliant in its mundane about-town plot! It’s been announced that we ARE in for a new season in 2019, although the official release date is TBD. PLEASE BE SOON!

Can’t Cope Won’t Cope

If you’ve ever felt bad about your own party habits, then this Irish show will make whatever embarrassing things you’ve done look decidedly tame! A solid mix of comedy and drama (jarring self-destruction brings both!), the two existing seasons are a breeze to binge. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like (at this point) we’ll get a third season, because creator Stefanie Preissner doesn’t want to force something she doesn’t feel inspired to write. HOWEVER, lots of fans have expressed disappointment, so maybe she’ll change her tune! Regardless, I think the show deserves one more go, due in no small part to how great Seána Kerslake is as Aisling. Check it out if you haven’t!

American Horror Story

I’ve really vibed with the last two seasons of AHS, you guys. Probably because it feels like the good guys are prospering, even though you could technically argue the opposite for Apocalypse, but WHATEVER! Some solid female empowerment IMO. I feel like there’s no reason to not expect a new chapter in 2019 since a new season has been confirmed, but who knows? (I mean, someone probably knows, but I doubt they’re gonna tell us. Ugh.)


Wentworth is basically like Orange Is The New Black on steroids, you guys. If I had to tell you to watch one or the other, I would pick Wentworth EVERY TIME. That’s how insanely good the Australian show is. And if you haven’t seen it, you’re in luck! Seven whole seasons (that’s SEVENTY EPISODES) exist for you to check out! But I’ve already watched the whole thing, and I just want the eighth season (which has been confirmed, BTW) to be released RIGHT NOW! Foxtel says twenty more episodes are in the works between now and 2021, so here’s hoping that ten of those will be released in 2019!

The Young Offenders

Talk about a charmer! This Irish show is also a movie, so there’s some solid material for you to check out in between now and whenever the second season (which has been confirmed, and was filming around Cork as of September 2018) is released. You wouldn’t expect there to be so many #FEELS involved when the focus of something is on two troublemaker teenage boys, but in the midst of all the hilarity, I definitely found myself shedding a tear or two! Wow wow wow! Megan Burns comin’ in hard with the emotions! Anyway, if you want a good laugh (and a good cry!) then this is definitely one to check out. And I sincerely hope there’ll be more episodes to look forward to this year!