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There were a lot of horribly annoying words uttered this past year, and if we had it our way (you know, Burger King style), we’d never hear any of them again in 2018 and beyond. As such, here are BYT’s top 18 most deplorable words of 2017 that we hope will swiftly retire forever. Feel free to drop your comments in comments.

From Svetlana Legetic


In 2011 I gave an interview to City Paper where I said that “pop-up” is “I guess adequate in context, but everyone’s throwing them around constantly, so I’m just going to attempt and avoid them,”. Six years later, it has become one of those marketing words that makes me openly want to curl up in a ball and die.


See above. I get it, internet and marketing are a scary place right now and we are all just trying our best to make it out there, but anyone announcing themselves as an “influencer” as part of their job description, is, well, not one. In 2018, can we go back to building legitimate loyalty, trusting our online recommendation sources truly and not assigning power to people with robots, Asian teenagers who “like for like” and porn star fake accounts comprising their “following”. (Same goes for other variations of the word: manfluencers, etc.)

Bonus from Svetlana’s 12 and 14 year old step-daughters:


Can we just go back to saying “cool” or “great” again?


It always sounds fake.

From Diana Metzger


Otherwise known as “that ho over there,” it’s time to retire this acronym stat. It’s essentially a more offensive version of calling a woman a “basic b*tch” though much more slut shamming. In this #metoo era, which is really making real change in the working world, let’s get rid of this expression, which only serves to be more women against women crime.


Ugh. Even just typing that made me sick to my stomach. Granted it’s a bald faced marketing term and even I’m guilty of being entranced by its spell (yesterday I looked up Away’s millennial pink luggage) but it’s got to go. The color is baby pink, powder pink. Millennials already get the shitty end of the media stick—being labeled coddled babies, let’s not assign them a color that’s usually reserved for newborns. Even if it does make for a cute carry-on bag.

From Brandon Wetherbee


You literally sound like a teenager when you use the word literally liberally.


Everything in 2017 was better than it was in 1917. Everything was in 2017 was much better than it was in 1817. Things may not be as good as they were two or three years ago, but on a longer timeline, you’re in a better position. It is not the worst time for anything. It’s helpful to remind yourself that all aspects of gender, sexuality, religious liberty, art, commerce, travel, food, technology, etc. is in a better position than when you were born. Unless you’re 3. If you’re 3-years-old, things are a little worse. They’ll get better. They always do.

From Jenn Tisdale


In the beginning we all had personalities and God/Science looked upon those personalities and saw they were good, most of them. Some are just putrid garbage. Then someone decided to monetize their personality which is fair. Get that money where you can. However instead of just using their strengths to make that money, they became a caricature of themselves and that’s when the first BRAND as born. And lo it was evil. I SMITE IT. May it be exorcised in 2018 and beyond.


Can’t women have ANYTHING? Back in the good ol’ days a witch hunt was a fun and burned at the stake way to get rid of pesky town women you just didn’t like (though some of them were probably actual witches because tbh all women are witches as noted by our menses). Now it’s a turn-of-phrase dropped anytime a man is outed for most likely being a sexually assaulting douchebag. I love witches. Some of my best friends are witches. I’m for sure not going to let a rapist be thought of as a witch. So it’s got to go y’all! Make Witches Women Again.


The only people on the Internet who are “just playing devil’s advocate” are assholes who want to slip their shitty opinions in under the guise of “but here’s the other point of view.” Let’s keep Devil’s Advocate in the ol’ cinematic universe where it belongs because no one plays Devil’s Advocate better than Pacino. YOUR NECK IS A BORDER TOWN.

From Megan Burns


To be clear, I don’t want to NEVER hear this again – instead, I wish to only hear it in a non-co-opted context. Please for the love of god stop co-opting.


If you’re still holding out hope for MAGA to become canon, you are not unlike Linus holding out hope for the Great Pumpkin. (Only you ARE much more annoying and delusional.) Please let’s MASSMAGAA – Make America Stop Saying Make America Great Again, Again.


Just stop. JUST STOP. Unless it’s DRAKE NEWS, I don’t want to hear it.


I’m only half-kidding about this one. Can we at least re-brand them for a little while a la freedom fries and liberty steaks?


I am very, very, V. tired of shook, although I will still allow shooketh as an acceptable form, mostly because I watched a YouTube video of a girl who got her wisdom teeth out in which shooketh was masterfully used to describe her facial expressions, and I will never not think it is hilarious, at least until 2019.


Basic somehow still persists, and like, we get it. We get what basic entails, so again, could we maybe do a refresh-re-brand for 2018 that we can get sick of later?


MSMDA. (Make Sick Mean Diseased Again.)