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The 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup kicks off TODAY at 3pm ET with hosts France facing off against South Korea. The tournament will run for exactly a month, the final slated to take place on July 7th at 11am ET, and I AM VERY EXCITED FOR ALL OF IT! Since June is also PRIDE MONTH, I thought we’d take a look at 18 openly queer players who’ll take the field:

Megan Rapinoe

Pinoe, who is like, THE queer icon when it comes to out footballers, is pretty much the only thing that makes me proud to be an American. She also just launched a new company with Meghan Klingenberg, Christen Press and Tobin Heath, so check that out!

Ashlyn Harris

There were rumors that Ashlyn Harris and Ali Krieger were together way back at the last WWC, but the two only recently confirmed their relationship by officially announcing their engagement. And there were queer screams the world over! It’s rad to see how comfortable Harris is now with being out ‘n proud, and I’m v. happy for her! (Now let’s just hope she sees some time in goal on the USWNT.)

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Ali Krieger

And piggybacking off the above, Ali Krieger has been officially out for a little longer than Harris, having stated that she’s fluid during a YouTube Q+A w/ her brother Kyle (who’s p. much king of the gays). ANYWAY, super stoked for her re: the upcoming wedding, and ALSO amped that she ended up making the 2019 USWNT WWC cut, ’cause I wasn’t sure it’d happen. PHEW!

AD Franch

This is US goalkeeper AD (Adrianna) Franch’s first Women’s World Cup, and I am super proud of her! Probably not as proud of her as her fiance, though!

Rachel Daly

The 27-year-old British defender plays for the Houston Dash, and she dates fellow teammate Kristie Mewis. (They’re REAL CUTE.) Shout-out for the visibility vibes!

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Be Visible, Be Proud . #DalyPride

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Hedvig Lindahl

Swedish goalkeeper Hedvig Lindahl has been married to her wife Sabine Williams since 2011, and they’ve got two kids together! Pickett fence goals!

Caroline Seger

The 34-year-old Swedish midfielder has been out for a minute, so major props for the longstanding visibility!

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SEGER 1.0 VS SEGER 2.0💥 #FootballForevHer

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With #NourElRefai and #MoaSvan at #Pride2013

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Isabell Herlovsen

30-year-old Norwegian forward Isabell Herlovsen is another player who’s been out for ages. Though she officially announced it in 2011, she was totally open about her sexuality to friends and family since her teens. That’s more than ya girl can say!

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2 days left 🇳🇴 #sterkeresammen #fifawwc

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Janine Van Wyk

The 32-year-old South African team captain is out ‘n proud and I SALUTE HER!

Nilla Fischer

The 34-year-old Swedish defender knows who she is, and that is an out, proud female footballer! Yaaasssss, girl!

Steph Labbe

The Canadian goalkeeper has been out a while, and is currently in a happy relationship with fellow Olympian Georgia Simmerling!

Hannah Wilkinson

The New Zealander is an Out For The Win ambassador, and is suuuuuper vocal about being queer. Proudayou, girl!

Katie Duncan (Hoyle)

ALSO out ‘n proud from New Zealand is Katie Duncan! She and her wife are expecting a baby girl soon, which is v. exciting!


Sam Kerr

Australian forward Sam Kerr is EASILY one of the best (if not THE best) footballers in the women’s game, which makes it especially excellent that she’s also a member of the LGBTQ community. HELL YEAH, GIRL!

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GD -1 📈

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Chloe Logarzo

The Australian has been vocal about the fact that she doesn’t think coming out needs to be a big deal, but she’s never shied away from being open about her sexuality, which is rad!

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D A Y 1 🇫🇷

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Tameka Yallop (Butt)

Australia’s really comin’ through with the openly queer players, y’all! Tameka Yallop (who you may know better pre-name change as Tameka Butt) is happily married to fellow footballer Kirsty Yallop // congrats!

Maria Leon

Representing Spain, Maria Leon is a jugadora ORGULLOSA, and for that I give her a major aplauso!

Fernanda Pinilla

And hailing from Chile we have the one and only Fernanda Pinilla, who is outwardly queer AND a proud feminist. I give homegirl major props, because while she admitted it wasn’t easy to come out, she wanted to provide visibility for others struggling with their sexuality. Best of luck to her and the Chilean squad this WWC!