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Happy 2015! Hopefully one of your resolutions for this year was to partake only in quality (whether good or bad) entertainment and as always, we are (kind of) here to help. In no particular order-15 things (books, movies, music, TV, etc) to keep an eye out on for your 2015 calendar. The rest will figure itself out. It always does.


Mad Men – The Final Part of the Final Season, AMC, This Spring

Mad Men is actually underrated. AMC ran a bunch of episodes over the holidays and it holds up much better than other Golden Age television shows like The Sopranos, The Wire and Breaking Bad. How? Starting in the past, it always seemed dated. Hindsight is 20/20 and Mad Men knew this better than Mr. Chase. With no Bryan Cranston competition for Best Actor, hopefully Jon Hamm will get the trophy he absolutely deserves. His performances as your dad/boss/dream lover/nightmare Don Draper is as iconic as Tony Soprano. – Brandon Wetherbee


Sleater-Kinney: No Cities To Love, January 20

You can find an illegal download already. I have not done this. I guess I want it to be ‘pure’ or something. Sleater-Kinney albums are on the same level as Nick Cave and PJ Harvey albums. I want to hear it the way the band wants me to hear it. They’re special and should be treated as such. I’ve enjoyed streaming the first single, “Bury Our Friends,” since it’s October release. It’s one of the best songs of 2014. It’s safe to guess some of the best songs of 2015 are on the full length.  – Brandon Wetherbee

While We’re Young, March 27 – Noah Baumbach is back and Ben Stiller, Naomi Watts, Adam Driver and Amanda Seyfried are along for the ride. In a story that should resonate with pretty much all the not-quite-as-young-bright-things, Stiller & Watts play a “grown-up” marrieds who develop a friendship/crush on a young couple and try to recapture that little bit of magic of their youth still in them. The results, which at least in the trailer wise 150% prime time Baumbach, should be funny, sad, heartbreaking and extremely well written and acted. What more could you ask for? Bonus on the MANY cute hats. – Svetlana

Pitch Perfect 2, May 14 – If there is one thing BYT loves universally, it is: overcoming difficulty through music montages. Pitch Perfect, the original, was all we hoped for in that territory and now, with the stakes that much higher (the world championships! and the world HATES America! HATES IT!) we hope the fun is at least proportional. – Svetlana

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler together again on the big screen: Sisters, December 18 – Can you believe it has been 7 years since Baby Mama? Well, Poehler and Fey are back and playing (as God intended) sisters. Make that grown-ass sisters who decide to throw one final bash at their parents house before it is sold. And you thought only 16 year olds had the right to get into trouble (paging Noah Baumbach) – Svetlana


Togetherness – Premieres on HBO, January 11th

Our love for the Duplass brothers is as big as a house and now, finally, we get to hang out in a (sadly funny) sitcom of their making every week on HBO for at least for a few months (and hopefully for years to come). Melanie Linskey, Amanda Peet and Steve Zissis round-out the cast surrounding Mark, and frankly, we cannot wait to spend time in this household. – Svetlana

The Buried Giant – Kazuo Ishiguro, Faber Faber & AAKnopf, March 3

Ishiguro has not published a novel since 2005’s Never Let Me Go  (which in 2010 was made into a heartbreaking, if flawed, movie of the same title) and now, a decade later, the king of the melancholic novel is back with a mysterious new project. To quote the Guardian: “The publisher would only reveal that the book, Ishiguro’s seventh novel, will be about “lost memories, love, revenge and war”. Stephen Page, chief executive, said that the book was “a truly sublime new chapter in one of the most significant bodies of work of anyone writing today”. – Svetlana

Kanye West Title TBA To Be Released TBA
The most important person in music (Who else angers two US Presidents? No leader cares about Drake. Taylor Swift is a lovely footnote but does not come close to angering so many people with so little.) was relatively quiet in 2014. He was on one single. Very quiet for Kanye. Life was not quiet for Kanye.
Fatherhood changes a man. Marriage changes a man. I am more interested in these changes for Kanye than any other recording artist. His last album, the nearly industrial Yeezus, was his lewdest to date. The same week it was released he had his first child. It’s unlikely that LP 7 will be as dirty and graphic and angry and brutal as Yeezus, but that doesn’t change the excitement. – Brandon Wetherbee

Orphan Black – Season 3 on BBC America, May 14

Orphan Black is the most ambitious show on cable. More ambitious than True Detective. Much more. It also has a good sense of humor. A show about clones played mostly be one woman, television treasure Tatiana Maslany, is able to satisfy both sci-fi fans that love Doctor Who and casual viewers of procedurals like Law & Order: SVU. It’s rare when a show is able to maintain an under-appreciated/cult/critically acclaimed status from the start. Viewers already miss this show and it’s still making new episodes. – Brandon Wetherbee

Adele, Name TBA, Release Date TBA

Lets face it, no one knows when this is happening and if it is happening. But, it better be happening. (bonus BYT nostalgia: we interviewed Adele before her first ever DC show at Sixth and I, it was entitled ” Almost REALLY, REALLY Famous”. Understatement of 2007.)

The Girl On The TrainPaula Hawkins, Riverhead, January 16

Post Gone Girl & Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, the world needs another thriller that EVERYONE can read and then have David Fincher turn into a movie. And why not have that book have GIRL in the title too. Movie rights have already been obtained. – Svetlana


Jurrasic World, June 12

2015 is going to be a big year for reboots/remakes/re-everythings: Mad Max is back, Star Wars is back, Terminator is back. And while all of those may or may not be good/bad/insufferable, they are all missing one critical ingredient: Chris Pratt, the Will Smith of 2014/15 and beyond. Only without the weird Scientology thing and/or weird family dynamic. We can’t wait – Svetlana

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, streaming on Netflix March 2015

Lets face it we would have watched ANYTHING on TV Tina Fey put her mind to after 30 Rock ended. Especially if it was in tandem with Robert Carlock. It has taken a few years of waiting but now, this Spring brings us Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, a comedy about a woman who emerges from a bomb shelter where she was kept by a cult that told her the world was ending is here. Ellie Kemper, who has long deserved a show all her own, stars as Kimmy, with Jane Krakowski, Titus Burgess, Carol Kane and Lauren Adams rounding out the cast. And, as if knowing we’d want it all at once, Netflix snatched the show from NBC and will be releasing it all at once, as it was meant to be. Second season has already been pre-ordered too, thank God. – Svetlana


Better Call Saul, AMC Sunday February 8

Breaking Bad is over. Mad Men is ending. AMC is putting all their eggs into the Saul basked with this BB Prequel which takes place six years before the Walter White. The clip below implies it will be everything we are all secretly hoping it would be- Svetlana.

Run The Jewels Meow The Jewels To Be Released TBA
It’s an album seemingly everyone loves but with cats as musical accompaniment. POSSIBLY inspired by that Portlandia sketch. The Jock Jams of 2015. -Brandon Wetherbee
and that is from us, let us know what YOU’RE excited for in 2015 and why in the comments. Sharing is caring.