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With St. Patrick’s Day, all of America turns its attention to the Irish – or, at least what we think of as Irish:  green beer, shamrock shakes, beer commercials with Kathy Ireland, the musical repertoire of Mary Mark. Even worse, thousands of drunk, sketchy guys with vomit-stained green t-shirts will use the day to hit on you by claiming that they’re “part Irish”.

Forget all that, and let’s get back to the roots of what St. Patrick’s Day is really about: visually exploiting hot, true Irish men. Enjoy.

1) Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Hometown: Cork
Trivia: Actually born with the very-Irish name of Jonathan O’Keeffe

JonathanRhysMeyers ajrm1 ajrm2

2) Bono circa 1983
Hometown: Finglas
Trivia: Although his father was Catholic, Bono was raised Protestant by his Protestant mother.

Bono abono3 abono2

3) Cillian Murphy
Hometown: Ballintemple
Yes. Everything about him. Yes.

cillian-murphy acm3 acm1

4) Colin Farrell circa 2002
Hometown: Castleknock
He has a sextape. Google it (not at work).

ColinFarrell acf3 acf2

5) & 6) JEDWARD
Hometown: Rathangan
The Irish twins have twice competed for the Republic of Ireland in Eurovision, becoming pop stars in the process. And, while they are not that good musically, WE JUST DON’T CARE.

aj1 Jedward Jedward

7) Michael Fassbender
Hometown: Killarney
Trivia: The Hollywood hunk was actually born in Germany (to an Irish mother and German father), but moved to Ireland when he was two years old.

afa3 afa1 afa2

8) Niall Horan of One Direction
Hometown: Mullingar
With or without the braces, he is adorable.

anh3 anh1 anh2

9) Domhnall Gleeson
Hometown: Dublin
The awkward Bill Weasley in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows I & II sure grew up nice, and his red beard in Anna Karenina was everything.

adg3 adg1 adg2

10) Danny O’Donoghue of The Script
Hometown: Ballinteer
Apart from his band, O’Donoghue is a judge on the UK version of The Voice

ado3 Danny O' Donoghue 223327Kevin6.tif

11) Pierce Brosnan
Hometown: Navan
Our first DILF crush became an American citizen in 2004.

apb3 apb1 apb2

12) Chris O’Dowd
Hometown: Boyle
Yes, we couldn’t figure out why there was an Irish cop in Wisconsin in the movie Bridesmaids, but we didn’t care. O’Dowd is adorkable in a number of films and television shows – including Girls.

aco3 aco1 aco2
And in fairness, here are a few hot men from Northern Ireland to think about:

1) Jamie Dormnan
Hometown: Holywood
The mega-model can be seen working for Calvin Klein, Dior, Armani, and is currently starring in the ABC show Once Upon a Time.

nijamiedornan3 nijamiedornan nijamiedornan2

2) Liam Neesen
Hometown: Ballymena
Raised a Catholic in Northern Ireland, Neesen was inspired to act when he would sneak into the Protestant church of unionist Ian Paisley to watch him preach (Paisley would later work Sinn Féin to cement the peach process).

aln3 aln1 aln2

3) Kenneth Branagh
Hometown: Belfast
You made movie day in every high school English class a delight.

akb3 akb1 akb2

4) Brian Kennedy
Hometown: Belfast
While Americans might not be familiar with Kennedy, this DILF bear is a pop star in the UK and Ireland where he is a judge on The Voice Ireland. He came out as gay in 2009. Kennedy grew up on Falls Road in Belfast, the epicenter of the Troubles.

Brian Kennedy 1 zbk1 zbk2

5) Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol
Hometown: Bangor
An unashamed nerd, and we love it.

zgl3 zgl1 zgl2

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