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Welcome to the THIRD day of SUPER MASSIVE OH-MAN-THIS-ALL-LOOKS-HELLA-CUTE giveaways. Take your S.O. out! Take your best friend out! Take your roommate out, and maybe you can get out of one month of Pepco bills!

Just remember, join the VIPERS program by 5 p.m. tonight (scroll to the bottom to do so and we’ll send you an email with a quick-little contest promt) to enter yourself to win today’s prizes.

— Today’s Giveaways —


That’s right! We had a fantastic time this year with the likes of TIG NOTARO, IRA GLASS, DOUG BENSON, WYATT CENAC, GARFUNKEL & OATES  and SO, SO MANY MORE, that we’ll give one lucky winner TICKETS TO ALL THE SHOWS next year!


Swag from ’09, because we LOVED our first Bentzen Ball year, and it’s #throwbackThursday after all!


pair EACH to Lewis Black, Brian Regan, Jim Gaffigan and Maz Jobrani!


How does it work?

Join our VIPERS program, and you’ll be entered to win one of the massive giveaways for the rest of the promotion!

We’ll be announcing each of the day’s giveaways at 11:30AM, so check back (early and often) for all of the awesome things you can win.

There’s no catch.

Just straight up this: For $11/month (that’s less than the price of a decent sixpack), not only will you enter to win each day’s giveaway, you’ll continue to receive all of the following for the rest of, like, ever:

Paid reserves at select (already) sold-out shows
hugs-heavy bus trips to where-the-hell-is-that venues like Merriweather Post Pavilion
members-only ticket giveaways and discounts
priority line-jumping at BYT events
exclusive pre-pre-pre-sales
secret happy hours where you can huddle amongst the rest of the VIPER elite + pick up extra schwag
super sweet Vipers-only pow wows with some of your favorite musicians, artists and  local celebs
tons of random loot we acquire for purposes of giving them to you
and, well, anything else we can think of (and we’ve been thinking of stuff A LOT).

Think of it as buying a bunch of little surprises for yourself. Give yourself a gift. Don’t think about it, don’t plan it, just do it. Repeat after us:

Where do I sign up? I hear you say. WHERE? Riiiiiiiiight….HERE.

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