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This piece originally ran on May 3, 2013. Since Parks and Rec ends tonight, we’re relearning some valuable lessons. -ed.

Guys, it’s the season finale of Parks and Rec tonight. On the one hand, NEW EPISODE! On the other hand, NO MORE NEW EPISODES FOR A LONG TIME AFTER THIS ONE. Whatever happens tonight, I just want us to not ever forget some of the valuable lessons we’ve learned so far from the people of Pawnee, like:

1. That you should always TREAT. YO. SELF.

2. That it’s okay not to care.

3. That alcohol is a thing that exists…

4. …and that it is fun and delicious.

5. That it’s not crying if you’re allergic to jerks.

6. That Chris Brown-level pissed is not a good level of pissed to be.


8. …ESPECIALLY when that stuff involves jogging and/or all forms of exercise.

9. That winning’s not the most important thing in the world.

10. And that regretting things is overrated.

EXCEPT when the regret stems from FORGETTING ALL OF THESE VALUABLE LESSONS. So remember them and remember them good, okay? Okay.