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The documentary Anchorman has influenced an entire generation of men and women to embrace differences and read the news. To celebrate Newseum’s new Anchorman exhibit, opening today and running through August 31, 2014, we’re crossing our fingers for the following 10 things in the exhibit.*

Ron’s Emmy

Ron won an Emmy for being an excellent newscaster. This piece of hardware would be inspiring for non-Emmy winning journalists to win an Emmy.


Ron is good at sex and wearing pants. We’re not sure how to display sex in a family friendly way in a museum, but that’s what the professionals are for.



Ron’s friend is able to attract people to want to have sex with him by wearing the smell of panthers. We’re not hoping that Sex Panther will be on display, we know it will, we’re talking about actual panthers. A living panther should be on display in the museum.



Mostly because it’s really hard to find a good burrito in DC.


Mustache Combs Through The Ages

Without Ron Burgandy’s mustache, would we have Ron Swanson’s mustache? Would we have either without quality mustache combs?

Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 11.08.53 AM


Both the weapon and the diving method.


A collage of people wearing “I Love Lamp” t-shirts

When we look back to this era of t-shirt fashion, many people will wonder why a generation fell in love with a lamp.

Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 11.04.43 AM

Jazz Club

A meeting place, an arts hub, a home grown business, a restaurant and more, the jazz club in Anchorman is a little glimpse into America that deserves to be honored.



The ship.


Animated or real, whatever people can find and display in a respectable manner.


*We went an entire post about Anchorman and did not say, “Stay classy, DC,” or “This is kind of a big deal.”