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Sure, there are plenty of reasons to actually go out and do stuff today on your hard earned day off but hear me out – maybe, just maybe staying in and binge watching (Netflix’s original series) “HOUSE OF CARDS” is the way to go (and not just because the wind chill outside).

And here is why:

  • Since those people at Netflix and their all-seeing watching habit algorithms know exactly what makes for undeniable TV marathon watching crack, the show is an unholy bastard child of “WEST WING”, “SCANDAL” and “MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE” that just refuses to be ignored, or paused, or saved for viewing in more than one sitting. And I say this with all the love in my heart.
  • Kevin Spacey is so good in it, you’ll be willing to forgive him for both that overblown Southern accent AND the narrative decision which makes him speak to us face-on in moments of crisis. YOU DO NOT WANT KEVIN SPACEY TALKING TO YOU FACE ON. EVER. But especially when he is killing a puppy in the first 3 min of the show (is it a spoiler if I mention something from the first 3 min of the show?)


  • Robin Wright. You guys. Robin Wright is 46, looks better than most 25 year olds, and is SOMEHOW EVEN SCARIER than Kevin Spacey. In short – Robin Wright is amazing. Remember when she played Princess Buttercup?


  • Corey Stoll. I mean, whoever decided the dude previously best known for playing Hemingway in “Midnight In Paris” (where he had hair both on his head and his face) would be perfect for playing a coke doing, hard drinking, drunk driving Congressman with no hair on his head or face was a genius. Really good wolf-y smile too. I bet there are tumblrs being dedicated to him popping up like wild mushrooms after rain as we speak. #LICKMYBALLS


  • Pondering the weird psycho-sexual relationship David Fincher (who directed HOUSE OF CARDS) has with the Mara sisters (Kate Mara is in HOUSE OF CARDS, and is like a junior journalist version of Rooney’s GIRL WITH A DRAGON TATTOO). I mean, they have to take turns in some weird dungeon sex chamber with David, right? RIGHT?


  • In fact-it is also pretty fun to imagine all the sex dungeon stuff that happens in the Underwood household too, right? With two people THAT scary married, there has to be some sex dungeoning going on there.
  • Playing the “WHERE THE HELL IS THIS IN DC?” game as people eat AND drink and wheel and deal and kill and steal. (you guys-that rhymed!)
  • THE INTERNS! Sample interaction while prepping the new education bill during which the interns are not allowed to leave until the first draft is ready: Spacey: It reeks in here. Intern 1: That’s what happens when 6 people don’t shower for half a week. Spacey: Anything else? Intern 2: Conjugal visits?
  • Michael Kelly – Spacy’s right hand and actually MAYBE scarier and more efficient than Spacey and Wright? (IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE? APPARENTLY! OUR HEADS ARE EXPLODING. We think his secret is in the jawline.)


  • Pondering the design/costume decisions: the show looks immaculate otherwise, but there are just.so.many.(acknowledged).push.up.bras. HOUSE OF CARDS is apparently set in 1995.


  • Corey Stoll’s secretary looks like Miranda Kerr.

Screen Shot 2013-02-18 at 9.00.39 AM


  • The British mini-series this is based on is on is ALSO AVAILBLE on instant netflix. AS IS WEST WING. AND SCANDAL. Well done you guys.