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And while you may be tempted to simply stay inside and hug a pillow and a hot toddy for the rest of the your life, your Mother didn’t raise a wimp, so woman up and re-join society. Below you’ll find a list of products that will keep you looking as confident and beautiful as an evil queen in a permanently wintry movies/TV Series, all creamy skin and wind swept hair. You’re welcome.


1. The Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion is a miracle for dry skin in the winter. While usually it is a struggle to apply any sort of foundation in the winter without highlighting your flaky skin, or while it is usually embarrassing to hold anybody’s hand because you feel like you have scales, this lotion gets rid of any and all dry skin almost immediately.


2. In the 21st century it is near impossible to go from point A to point B without taking out our iPhones or Droids to change the music that is playing, or to text a friend. With texting gloves this is possible in the winter, allowing you to stay warm while traveling and also stay in communication. These Michael Kors texting gloves sold at Neiman Marcus are a nicer quality wool glove to keep you looking good and warm while also being able to use your touch-screen phone.

3. Wearing make-up in the winter is a struggle when all you want to do is eat and sleep, and it also comes with certain expectations. Wearing darker and more neutral eyeshadow colors is more appropriate for the season, and any of  the Urban Decay Naked eyeshadow pallets sold at Sephora provide a series of different dark and neutral shades. (bonus: Mindy Kaling approves)


4. Infinity scarves are a stylish and easy way to keep warm in the cold weather. Whether wearing them with a coat or with a sweater, how to wear them is never an issue so that is one less decision you have to make, and they are guaranteed to keep you warmer than if you were not wearing one at all.

5. The Kamik Olivia Rain Boot is a lifesaver in winter rain and snow. There are different rain boot socks you can purchase with this book, keeping your feet and lower leg completely dry and cozy. While the average short rain boot keeps your feet dry in the summer, the height of this boot as well as the option to put the thick rain boot socks in them keeps you from freezing in the cold wet weather.

Screen Shot 2014-01-03 at 1.55.42 PM

6. The EOS Lip Balm is a cure for chapped lips. Often referred to as “the egg” because of it’s tiny nugget form, this lip balm comes in 8 different flavors and prevents your lips from cracking and cures your chapping right away.

Screen Shot 2014-01-03 at 1.55.03 PM

7. The L’Occitane almond shower oil keeps your skin smooth and smelling nice. Preventing drying before it even starts this oil is perfect simply as a body wash or as a shaving gel.  ACTUALLY JUST BUY L’OCCITANE EVERYTHING.

8. The Phythéol Intense Anti-Dandruff Treatment Shampoo is practically essential for any male in the winter. Any and all men need to prevent their heads from getting dry and flaky, and this is the best way to do it.

9. MEN! The Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Anti-Aging Heavy Lifting Moisturizer works faster on a man’s skin than it does to say it. Applying this moisturizer keeps a man’s face clean, moisturized, and looking fresh. This moisturizer helps and prevents dryness on the skin.

Screen Shot 2014-01-03 at 1.59.19 PM

10. Another crucial product for men by Kiehl’s, their Facial Fuel Scrub will not prevent dryness, but will get rid of all dead skin. This scrub is a way for your skin to relax after it has been through hell and back in the freezing cold weather.

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