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About BYT

Hi! Welcome!
For over a decade now, we’ve produced legitimately cool AND useful editorial and event platforms in DC, NYC and Chicago, and work with amazing individuals, institutions and brands to build loyalty, start conversations and create memories, 365/24/7.

Download our 2019 media kit here. Check out our Event Partnership opportunities here. Also: check out our new creative engagement agency: Exactly.

Here is our core team:

Svetlana Legetic
Co-Founder & CEO

Advertising & Partnerships & New Business

[email protected]

Editorial Staff

Brandon Wetherbee
[email protected]
DC Managing Editor / Corrections

Kaylee Dugan
[email protected]
Assistant Editor

Clarissa Villondo
[email protected]
Staff Photographer

Alan Zilberman
[email protected]
Film Editor

Megan Burns
[email protected]
NYC Managing Editor

Nicholas Karlin
[email protected]
Staff Photographer

Phil Runco
[email protected]testyoungthings.com
Music & Beer Editor

Jose Lopez-Sanchez
[email protected]
Staff Writer

Social Media

Sarah Jacobs
[email protected]
Social Media Director

[email protected]

BYT Events

Marissa Rubenstein
[email protected]
Events Director – BYT Productions & Client Experiential

Jenn Tisdale
[email protected]
DEATH BECOMES US True Crime Festival Director

Tom Hausman
[email protected]
Event Producer

Need General Advice But Not Sure Who To Email?

Nina Fomufod
[email protected]
Chief of Staff

Art Department

Erik Loften
[email protected]
Graphic Design Magic

Exactly Agency


Diya Eggleston
[email protected]
Chief Creative Officer

Co-Founders Emeritus

Cale Charney
Jason Bond Pratt