Frankie Grande
Wednesday 07/15
Frankie Grande @ The Howard Theatre
$25 / $25
By now you must be thinking, who does so many things with their life and why? I mean he looks so young (thanks for that, regardless of whether or not you were thinking it!). Wouldn’t it be simpler to just be a performer, or just a philanthropist, or just a producer, or something that doesn’t start with the letter “P”? Well my answer to all these questions is simply “no”. Ever since I was old enough to remember my own actions, I realized that when I am passionate about something, I must do it 130%, regardless of what other passions I may already be pursuing. At Muhlenberg College, I was a Biology/Theatre/Dance triple major, pledged a fraternity (Sig Ep in the house!), performed in every main stage production (be it in theatre or dance), and graduated with both a Bachelor of the Arts degree and a Bachelor of Sciences degree in four years. How? By giving myself entirely to everything I did. Yes it was difficult, yes I barely slept, but I was happy with the knowledge that I was pursuing my dreams… all of them… at the same time. So then comes the question, how do you choose which path to travel once the safety net of college has been ripped away? Well the answer did come, albeit in a very unexpected form. It came in the form of a small dancing grey monkey in knee high red boots. Yes, pretty much right after I graduated college I was cast as Boots the Monkey in the Equity National Tour of Dora the Explorer Live! Dora’s Pirate Adventure, and it was a blast! I got to see some of the most incredible cities in this country, places I would never have gone had it not been for this tour, and it was an extremely eye opening experience.
Cultura Profetica
Tuesday 07/14
Cultura Profetica @ The Howard Theatre
$29.50 / $35
Messengers, possessors of Mystic virtuosity: Boris, Willy, Eliut, Omar y Juanqui; prodigious musicians that homogenized themself, to give life to a project that has reach where verse won´t get. Cultura Profetica (CPR), a band that does not go with the double standards or empty words, that are consistent and have been able to go beyond the art of creating music, it is said that no man is born good or bad just as no one is born doctor or craftsman, but you receives the ability from nature to become one ... CPR, sings to the land that is full of light, granting him the word and sound to bring their songs to all beings. With solid sound & lyrics, CPR it’s a band that condemns harmful policies, but encourage ecology and human rights. They identify with the student struggles for higher education for all sectors of society, Making noise, to express views of certain social events. Singing from the inside, from the sincere voice that purifies the word. Success comes by itself, when passion is reflected. Now after 16 years of career. CPR, is one of the most important Latin bands, playing with a fusion of rhythms, sounds, atmospheres and lyrics that cannot be classified, but enjoy each of their contributions in every album, as part cult collection. A band that sings with the voice of the people, and transmits the heartbeat of the Earth in protest, raises his voice and at the same time fight sadness with sounds that can calm the mind and raise awareness, CPR, take us on a journey that make us think and finally smile again and again… There´s till a long way to go, lyrics full of life, music that makes them feel the vibrations of the universe of which we are a part of it. CPR have won a considerable group of followers in the music industry. Who identifies with his philosophy and is certainly true to the Prophetic ideology. Create goes beyond numbers, it's essence is feeling, no matter the miles o road but the steps that have been taken and are taking it. And without music life would be a mistake and a bad trip, be part of the experience of their sounds. That one life is not enough to be a live and dance this with many anxieties.