The Greatest Parties of All Time: Cinema Edition
BYT Staff | Nov 28, 2012 | 3:00PM |

In case anyone reading this site couldn’t pick up on this subtlety, BYT loves nothing more than a good party. We’re into the What-the-F*ck-Was-I-Doing-on-That-Coffee-Table parties, the Dance-‘Til-You-Can’t-Dance-No-More parties, the Hide-in-the-Host’s-Closet-‘Til-the-Cops-Leave parties. We advocate sweatbands, glitter, fake blood, bodypaint, a playlist for every mood, dance-offs and those grins you sort of kind of remembered wearing the whole night. And what better way to capture these moments than the majesty of film? We partnered up with our party-planning friends at Tixelated to bring you some of the greatest cinema parties ever conceived.

(Don’t believe our party cred? Philippe Chetrit is a Fatback DJ and founder of Tixelated, a quick and fun way for friends to help fund your parties. So not only does he go to a ton of parties, he also thinks about them a lot. This Friday he is hosting a crazy flip cup competition. Check it out.)

  • Metropolitan
    This is the party we would never admit wanting to go but totally wish we got the invite. Dress for success.
    YouTube Preview Image
  • Blade
    How sweet would it be if you were at a party and Stephen Dorff bumped into you then it started raining blood???
    YouTube Preview Image
  • The Matrix
    Most epic. Rave vs Sex.
    YouTube Preview Image
  • The Big Lebowski
    Party I am most likely to throw myself. Jackie Treehorn treats objects like women man.
    YouTube Preview Image
  • Dirty Dancing
    Classic. I brought a watermelon.
    YouTube Preview Image
  • House Party 2
    YouTube Preview Image
  • Old School
    Tastes so good when it touches your lips.
    YouTube Preview Image
  • Carlito’s Way
    Nevermind, this is the party we would throw ourselves.
  • Dazed And Confused

One of the best moments of a party happens before you even get there. Getting ready to go out, and the journey to the party itself creates an unbridled sense of anticipation. Dazed And Confused is basically one long piece about a journey to the end of the night

YouTube Preview Image

  • Animal House

Never have college kids cared as much about Etruscanian formal wear from 1200 BC as they do when Otis Redding is involved.

YouTube Preview Image

  • The Godfather
There are few wedding parties like The Godfather. What would you expect, it’s the Don’s daughter we’re talking about heeeeere! And while the guests drank, danced and had a good time, a select few got the best part favors of all: a favor from the Don.
YouTube Preview Image
  • Almost Famous
There’s no greater end to a party than a rockstar jumping off a roof into a pool in front of a crowd of cheering people. NOTHING.
YouTube Preview Image
Did we miss some of your favorites? Let us know in the comments section.






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