Taste Test: DGS Launches Your Favorite New Happy Hour
svetlana | stephanie | Feb 11, 2013 | 12:00PM |
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all photos: Stephanie Breijo

BYT loves a good happy hour. 

At their best, happy hours combine many things we love about life: an excuse to start drinking early and cheaply, a reason to see friends and an opportunity to enjoy food at some of our favorite bars and restaurants in a slightly less formal set-up. At their worst, happy hours involve drinks that are cheap FOR A REASON, food you’d never eat if it wasn’t discounted and horrible settings. So when a great (not just good–GREAT) new happy hour emerges, we like to do all we can to alert you to it.

So, happy HAPPY HOUR day to you all because tonight, DGS Delicatessen, one of our favorite new places in town, is launching a super solid happy hour featuring cocktails, beer, wine, hand picked by General Manager and Beverage Director Brian Zipin and a selection of noshes by Chef Barry Koslow not offered on their regular menu.

The food menu (not a single item on which is over $6) features the amazing mini tongue grilled reuben (which converted even our tongue-fearing photographer) for $4 and a to-die-for smoked salmon tartare, which is a clever play on an everything bagel with lox, topped off with “everything” aioli and bagel bits…

…plus home made nuts (we bet you will be hoarding the Ras-el-Hanout-dusted walnuts) as well as the pastrami chili and cheese fries, which are perfectly messy and filling, the combination of any of which makes for a perfectly delightful dinner for less than what a mixed drink costs in most other D.C. establishments these days.

Speaking of drinks, on top of $3 (!!!) beers (Mama’s Yella Little Pils, Genesee Cream Ale and Tsingtao) and $6 wines (we tried the Di Lenardo Chardonnay and the Grenache/Syrah from Dauvergne-Ranvier and they both went down almost too smoothly) the happy hour menu also features a selection of craft cocktails (with BYT-pleasing punny names to boot) ranging from $6 for the THE CHOSEN HIGHBALL to the $9 Pickle Back (a shot of Jameson, a chaser of DGS homemade brine and a Cream Ale for your belly later).

The five drinks offer a little something for everyone’s liquor preferences (gin–check, rose+st.germain–check, whiskey–check) and while we could not help but eat and drink pretty much everything on the menu, for the budget conscious, $20-$25 can buy you a few drinks and a few noshes, making this one of the best values we’ve run across lately.

It all starts being on offer officially tonight–so, if you need us, you’ll know where to find us.

For location and hours click here: http://www.dgsdelicatessen.com/



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