Sweetlife Festival Set-Times (& Final Vendor List) are Announced!
Shauna Alexander | May 7, 2013 | 9:15AM |

VIP and Pavilion seats are all gone! Hope you all got your tickets, it’s going to be a magical day… especially now that there is a SECRET DJ LOUNGE with some BYT favorites like Nancy Whang of LCD Soundsystem(!!) and JPatt of The Knocks! Ahem. So without further ado…

>>>>>>>>>>>> Here is a Featured Event >>>>>>>>>>>>
Friday 10/28
The Bentzen Ball Presents: Picture This! @ The Kennedy Center Millennium Stage
$0 / $0
Millennium Stage shows are free and happen at The Kennedy Center. More info here: https://www.kennedy-center.org/Video/Upcoming What is Picture This!? PICTURE THIS! is a new show from Brandie Posey & Sam Varela: two girls who want to push the boundaries of what a comedy show can be. Picture This! is a live comedy show with stand-ups, voice actors and more performing while they are drawn live by some of the best animators, cartoonists, and other artists in the biz! The comedians don’t know what the animators are drawing and the animators don’t know how the comedians will react. It may be weird. It may different. But it will be FUNNY! http://www.picturethisshow.com https://twitter.com/PictureThisShow https://www.facebook.com/PictureThisShow Find more Bentzen Ball shows at: http://www.bentzenball.com
>>>>>>>>>>>> Ok, back to the article! >>>>>>>>>>>>

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Now for the super delicious part…

Every year Sweetlife Festival out-does itself with the vending options and this year is no slouch.  See for yourself:

General Admission Options:

  • Flying Dog
  • Mountain State Brewery 3. DC Brau
  • Chocolate City
  • Peak Organic
  • Boordy Vineyard
  • Chubbies
  • the Roadies
  • keany bus
  • sweetgreen cafe
  • chia truck
  • vigilante
  • sticky fingers
  • KIND Bars
  • Honest Tea
  • Bakery de France
  • Dolcezza
  • Fresh Farm
  • Takorean
  • Jose Andres’ Pepe Truck
  • The Big Cheese
  • Kushi-moto
  • Bev Eggleston
  • Toki Underground/13th St Meats
  • Everlasting Life Cafe
  • DGS Delicatessen
  • Tadah! Foods
  • Kushi Izakaya
  • Kenji Sliders
  • Wichcraft NYC

Additional VIP/Backstage Options:

  • toki underground
  • Rappahannock Oysters
  • Luke’s Lobster
  • CCH bar
  • RJ Cooper
  • vigilante
  • quenchbuggy
  • tappan lounge
  • sweetgreen pop-up



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