Photos: T.I. @ The Park At Fourteenth
BYT Staff | Dec 28, 2012 | 12:30PM |

All photos: Kevin Hulse

Last last week, The Park At Fourteenth hosted rapper T.I. for a special performance of “Go Get It” from his latest album. Otherwise, from the looks of it he and his entourage were keeping to themselves sipping from magnum bottles of Belvedere and Moet. _MG_8749 _MG_8623_MG_8757_MG_8742_MG_8758_MG_8740_MG_8737_MG_8731_MG_8730_MG_8726_MG_8719_MG_8710_MG_8699_MG_8725_MG_8697_MG_8686_MG_8680_MG_8675_MG_8661_MG_8656_MG_8653_MG_8651_MG_8643_MG_8640_MG_8630_MG_8626_MG_8625_MG_8624


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