Photos: Mutiny Vol. 1 Release Party @ American Ice Co. on 07/17
July 19, 2013 | 11:00AM

D.C. menswear collective/store/hype-kids MUTINY recently released their first lookbook, MUTINY VOLUME 1. A collaboration among Morgan Hungerford West of Panda Head Magazine, photographer Justin T. Gellerson, and MUTINY founder M.Gert Barkovic, the magazine was shot entirely in their D.C. neighborhood. To celebrate, they do what any stylish group would: pop open a few cans of ice-cold beer with pie and pizza at American Ice Co. Prepare yourself for some mad menswear envy.


IMG_1437  IMG_1474IMG_1447IMG_1450IMG_1460IMG_1465IMG_1468 IMG_1482IMG_1479IMG_1489



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    You can find the recipes for them there pies over at Nothing-in-the-House.

    Sour Cherry: http://www.nothinginthehouse.com/2012/06/sour-cherry-pie.html

    Savory Tomato-Ricotta Galette: http://www.nothinginthehouse.com/2012/09/savory-heirloom-tomato-ricotta-galette.html

    and Atlantic Beach, coming soon!