PHOTOS: High Heel Race 2012
Gays BYT | Nov 2, 2012 | 9:00AM |

all photos: Denis Largeron

Deep in the heart of gay America, there is an annual tradition that makes Thanksgiving look like a surprise trip to an untrained dentist. It’s called The High Heel Race, it involves some of the city’s best male athletes sprinting down the street (some/most of them in fabulous costumes), and it is a deeply sentimental occasion of remembrance for those who bravely gave their lives in the effort to make mens-size high heels acceptable footwear year on out. This year, hurricanes and all-the event was postponed from Tuesday from Thursday but we are pleased to announce that this did not affect the attendance, one bit. In fact, if anything-the heeled troopers came out with extra ammo and panache this year. (also, it helps it didn’t rain-for the first time since we remember)

It is also one our FAVORITE occasions to photograph in DC every year.  So, without further a do:

2012-11-01_hhr_735 2012-11-01_hhr_740 2012-11-01_hhr_733 2012-11-01_hhr_726 2012-11-01_hhr_724 2012-11-01_hhr_729 2012-11-01_hhr_696 2012-11-01_hhr_694 2012-11-01_hhr_688 2012-11-01_hhr_662 2012-11-01_hhr_672 2012-11-01_hhr_678 2012-11-01_hhr_675 2012-11-01_hhr_683 2012-11-01_hhr_684 2012-11-01_hhr_661 2012-11-01_hhr_657 2012-11-01_hhr_620 2012-11-01_hhr_626 2012-11-01_hhr_605 2012-11-01_hhr_651 2012-11-01_hhr_661 2012-11-01_hhr_579 2012-11-01_hhr_568 2012-11-01_hhr_533 2012-11-01_hhr_549 2012-11-01_hhr_531 2012-11-01_hhr_511 2012-11-01_hhr_513 2012-11-01_hhr_508 2012-11-01_hhr_496 2012-11-01_hhr_476 2012-11-01_hhr_480 2012-11-01_hhr_497 2012-11-01_hhr_490 2012-11-01_hhr_482 2012-11-01_hhr_472 2012-11-01_hhr_467 2012-11-01_hhr_462 2012-11-01_hhr_455 2012-11-01_hhr_459 2012-11-01_hhr_440 2012-11-01_hhr_446 2012-11-01_hhr_445 2012-11-01_hhr_435 2012-11-01_hhr_437 2012-11-01_hhr_424 2012-11-01_hhr_417 2012-11-01_hhr_412 2012-11-01_hhr_398 2012-11-01_hhr_3932012-11-01_hhr_584 2012-11-01_hhr_389 2012-11-01_hhr_368 2012-11-01_hhr_361 2012-11-01_hhr_356 2012-11-01_hhr_331 2012-11-01_hhr_377 2012-11-01_hhr_350 2012-11-01_hhr_343 2012-11-01_hhr_348 2012-11-01_hhr_337 2012-11-01_hhr_333 2012-11-01_hhr_325 2012-11-01_hhr_314 2012-11-01_hhr_296 2012-11-01_hhr_292 2012-11-01_hhr_298 2012-11-01_hhr_284 2012-11-01_hhr_278 2012-11-01_hhr_283 2012-11-01_hhr_273 2012-11-01_hhr_271 2012-11-01_hhr_265 2012-11-01_hhr_262 2012-11-01_hhr_251 2012-11-01_hhr_258 2012-11-01_hhr_241 2012-11-01_hhr_237 2012-11-01_hhr_223 2012-11-01_hhr_206 2012-11-01_hhr_219 2012-11-01_hhr_209 2012-11-01_hhr_195 2012-11-01_hhr_193 2012-11-01_hhr_184 2012-11-01_hhr_186 2012-11-01_hhr_182 2012-11-01_hhr_170 2012-11-01_hhr_157 2012-11-01_hhr_174 2012-11-01_hhr_167 2012-11-01_hhr_153 2012-11-01_hhr_148 2012-11-01_hhr_143 2012-11-01_hhr_151 2012-11-01_hhr_127 2012-11-01_hhr_137 2012-11-01_hhr_134 2012-11-01_hhr_129 2012-11-01_hhr_093 2012-11-01_hhr_097 2012-11-01_hhr_112 2012-11-01_hhr_119 2012-11-01_hhr_122 2012-11-01_hhr_096 2012-11-01_hhr_091 2012-11-01_hhr_087 2012-11-01_hhr_078 2012-11-01_hhr_081 2012-11-01_hhr_072 2012-11-01_hhr_068 2012-11-01_hhr_067 2012-11-01_hhr_051 2012-11-01_hhr_044 2012-11-01_hhr_047 2012-11-01_hhr_019 2012-11-01_hhr_056 2012-11-01_hhr_038 2012-11-01_hhr_035 2012-11-01_hhr_036 2012-11-01_hhr_030 2012-11-01_hhr_031 2012-11-01_hhr_026


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  • Tommy says:

    They look great straight out of the dryer. They are lighter in weight and have a very slight shine to them. My husband looks great in them and I would deinlfteiy recommend them.

  • Mellie says:

    Obrigada pelo elogio, Haure! =)Não tínhamos pensando em escrever sobre o que fazemos porque não seguimos o padrão dos brasileiros que moram por aqui, já que por sorte mantivemos nossos trabalhos brasileiros.Mas, como percebemos que mais gente tem interesse em saber no que trabalhamos, já programamos esse post. Ele entra por aqui em breve, ok?Beijos e continue nos acsdhanhanmo.Nataopa e João.

  • Whoopie has An 'Egot' says:

    LIVING for those guys dressed as ‘The View’. Living.

  • gmljr says:

    Too few pics of the Mardi Gras Queen with her bust out.

  • Ry_M says:

    The Street Fighter gang did it for me! Good grief, Zangief! Aren’t you chilly?

  • Jason says:

    I loved the group dressed as the “Gay Barrier Reef.”