PHOTOS: ACADEMY 2010 @ Conner Contemporary
aineki | Jul 14, 2010 | 1:00PM |

If you weren’t at this 10th anniversary opening of Conner Contemporary’s invitational Academy Series (featuring the best of this year’s MFA/BFAs from American University, Corcoran College of Art and Design, Gallaudet University, Maryland Institute College of Art, and University of Maryland), you missed out. You can still swing by (the hike to NE is well worth it) and check out the show through August 21st!

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Friday 10/28
The Bentzen Ball Presents: Picture This! @ The Kennedy Center Millennium Stage
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Millennium Stage shows are free and happen at The Kennedy Center. More info here: What is Picture This!? PICTURE THIS! is a new show from Brandie Posey & Sam Varela: two girls who want to push the boundaries of what a comedy show can be. Picture This! is a live comedy show with stand-ups, voice actors and more performing while they are drawn live by some of the best animators, cartoonists, and other artists in the biz! The comedians don’t know what the animators are drawing and the animators don’t know how the comedians will react. It may be weird. It may different. But it will be FUNNY! Find more Bentzen Ball shows at:
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