It’s Friday What Tunes are You Bumpin’?
Brandon Wetherbee | Jan 3, 2014 | 3:30PM |
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Legba Carrefour

The Body “Christ’s Redeemers”

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At this exact moment I am listening to a field recording of the Aymara language because I am stoned and cleaning dog shit out of my room.

More broadly, I’ve been listening to The Body – Christ’s Redeemers a bunch on repeat

Peter Heyneman

R.E.M. “7 Chinese Brothers”

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Driving around Athens GA right now in a rented SUV so I’m pumping 7 Chinese Brothers by REM like a time traveling tourist.

Svetlana Legetic

Fidlar feat. Kate Nash “AWWWWWKWAARD”

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A perfect pop song that doesn’t feel too sunshiney for a cold day like today.

New Order “Bizarre Love Triangle”

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We listened to NME’s BEST OF 1980s on shuffle at the office today. This song was the one I chose we start with. It was a good decision.

Carly Simon “Nobody Does it Better”

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We’re currently listening to NME’s BEST OF 1970s on shuffle at the office. Carly’s “You’re so vain” is playing right now, but I sort of wish NME chose this song instead.

Brandon Weight

Disclosure Feat Jamie Woon “January”

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Brandon Wetherbee

Hole “Violet”

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Money is forever.

Eminem “Rap God”

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I stumbled upon this 33+ million views video because of the Max Headroom inspired intro. I love Max Headroom. The series has aged remarkably well for a British/American 80s hybrid. The effects aren’t so great, but the ideas hold up. Eminem is the opposite. The effects are great the but ideas are sad. Dude still uses the word ‘fag’ like he’s not a 41-year-old father. He is a 41-year-old dad. Stop uses the word ‘fag,’ dad. Dad! Come on, dad! You’re embarrasing me, dad! Why don’t you clean that spaghetti off your inside hoodie, dad!

Interpol “Evil”

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I haven’t seen this video in 5+ years but every time I head the song I think of the video. What a perfect video.


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