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To this day I always lean over and unlock the driver’s side door when I am already in the car and someone else needs to get in. That is what I learned from A Bronx Tale. I sincerely hope that sweet romantic scene makes its way into the stage version of the film.

Chazz Palminteri is bringing this movie to the big stage. Tickets are on sale now but we’ve got a pair just waiting for you. To win tell us what your test is to find “one of the good ones.” Winner will be chosen by COB September 5th. Now get outta here!

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  • alene says:

    I always swoon over a guy that gives up his seat on a packed bus… not just giving up his seat to me, but to anyone. Or a guy that’s willing to just take any freakin’ parking space in a packed lot (or park somewhere else entirely) and just walk (instead of driving around in circles for ages), compatibility, it’s crucial.

  • Caitlin says:

    My test: A guy who can bake a sweet ass cake and loves my dog.

    I found one too!

  • CAR says:

    What is hiding in her closet?