May 29, 2013 | 2:30PM

Hi Everyone! We’re throwing 2 pretty awesome events in the next few weeks:

Aaaaand we’re looking for people to help!  It’s pretty simple work: sit at a table with your laptop or iPhone, check people’s names against the will call list, bracelet them up and off we go OR work the all-important drink ticket operation OR carry Sharon Needles’ casket OR some other stuff.

The party is from 9pm-1am, so we’ll need you there at 8pm for pre-party pow wow.


  • work 1 shift: a free ticket for you and a friend to go and rage afterwards or beforehand
  • work the whole night: $50 + you get to make 3500 new friends


And we’ll be in touch with more details etc. soon.




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  • Anonymous says:

    How long is “one shift”? Doesn’t say. One hour? Two?

  • Logan says:

    Works now! Thank you :)

  • Nemo says:

    Yeah, links don’t work for me either

  • Nicole says:

    the sign-up sheets haven’t been made accessible to everyone!

  • Inquisitor says:


    How long are the shifts?

  • Logan says:

    I clicked the link and it said that I need to request access. Just a heads-up!