Big Daddy Kane & Rakim
Thursday 10/08
Big Daddy Kane & Rakim @ The Howard Theatre
$29.50 / $35
Big Daddy Kane On September 10th, 1968, Bed Stuy, Brooklyn gave birth to one of hip hop's most lyrical, diverse, innovative, and trendsetting MCs. He is known by many attributes - Dark Gable, Black Caesar, and King Asiatic Nobody's Equal - but he is known to the world as Big Daddy Kane. This baritone-voiced, stylishly dressed MC was the first one to bring the "playa" element to hip hop, and along with Bobby Brown and Michael Jordan, he put dark skin back on the map. Kane was the first rapper to ever hold not one, but two sold-out shows at the world-famous Apollo Theater for women only. In the words of the late Big Pun, Kane is "not only a playa, he just crush a lot" - a reference to his rapid-fire, metaphoric battle rap style. Kane's influences are Muhammed Ali, Marvin Gaye, and his rap hero Grand Master Caz of the Cold Crush Brothers, but once dancers Scoob Lover and Scrap Lover join him on the stage, you can clearly see the James Brown and the Famous Flames influences as well. With several Gold albums to his credit, Kane has enjoyed a long career, including the releases Long Live The Kane ("Ain't No Half Steppin'" and "Raw"), It's A Big Daddy Thing ("Smooth Operator," "Warm It Up, Kane," and "I Get The Job Done"), and Taste Of Chocolate ("Hard Being The Kane" and "All Of Me," a duet with the late legendary Barry White). As a powerful figure in the rap game, he has also collaborated with many artists, including Public Enemy, Ice Cube, Heavy D, Patti LaBelle, and Quincy Jones. All of these accomplishments combine with a Grammy Award to make Kane a true hip hop legend. Rakim In 1986, Rakim started to work with New York-based producer-DJ Eric B. The duo—known as Eric B & Rakim—is widely regarded as among the most influential and groundbreaking of hip-hop groups, due in no small part to Rakim's technical abilities. The duo’s first single, "Eric B. Is President" was a success and got the duo a contract with the fledgling Island Records sub-label 4th & B'way. The duo’s next single, the smash “I Know You Got Soul,” sparked early debate on the legality of unauthorized, uncredited sampling when James Brown sued to prevent the duo's use of a fragment of his music. It also established Brown's back catalog as a hip musical mining ground for a new generation of hip-hop programmers. Their first full album, Paid In Full, was released in 1987. causing a stir in the hip-hop music world due to its novel sound, approach, and subject matter. Rakim pioneered a practice previously unknown to hip-hop called internal rhyming. Already an important aspect of traditional poetry, where rhymes could be found throughout the bar of a lyric which added to the rhythmic complexity of the song: "I keep the mic at Fahrenheit, freeze MCs, make 'em colder/The listeners system is kicking like solar/As I memorize, advertise like a poet/Keep it goin', when I'm flowin' smooth enough, you know it's rough." Instead of two rhyming syllables within two lines at the end of the lines, as we would find in the older hip-hop style displayed above, we have 18 rhyming syllables in just four lines. Rakim also introduced a lyrical technique known as cliffhanging and popularized the use of metaphors with multiple meanings. His songs were the first to really impart hip-hop music lyrics with a serious poetic device sensibility. Eric B & Rakim went on to produce three more successful albums, all now considered hip hop standards. Prior to Rakim, hip-hop music lyricism was usually rather simple from a structural standpoint and the ideas it expressed were easy and direct. Many hip-hop artists (both underground and mainstream) acknowledge a huge debt to Rakim's innovative style. He is given credit for popularizing the heavy use of internal rhymes in hip-hop—rhymes that are not necessary to the overall rhyme scheme of the verse, but occur between the endpoints of lines and stanzas, serving to increase the alliteration, assonance, and emphasis of the rhyme. He is also credited for the jazzy, heavily stylistic, seemingly effortless delivery of his lyrical content.
The Reunion of Toby Palmer & Chosen Generation
Sunday 08/30
The Reunion of Toby Palmer & Chosen Generation @ The Howard Theatre
$20 / $30
The universal language of music has always had the ability to pierce the heart more quickly than any monologue or oratorical presentation ever could. Something magical happens when the right lyric is coupled with just the right melody at the right time. It’s as if the world is suspended in time. Nothing matters at the moment other than what your ears hear, and your heart feels. It’s even more captivating when you experience this magic in three part harmonies. The controlled brass of the sopranos, paired with the dark rich tones of the altos, along with the male richness of the tenor. Ummm it makes your soul shake on the inside!! Now it takes skill, and persistence to develop a sound that is both signature, yet memorable. This doesn’t just happen by chance. It’s deliberate and intentional. It takes the right chemistry of music, musicianship, along with masterful chorale direction to accomplish such a task. For Chicago it was the impeccable leadership of the late great Rev. Milton Brunson. He presented opportunity to rising producers, and song writers Percy Bady, & Darius Brooks. Together they created something that to date has been often imitated, but never duplicated. “The Thompson Community Singers”. (affectionately known as The Thomies) It was the robe, the song, and the lead vocals from the likes of Kim McFarland, Tina Watson, & Beatrice Gardner that left you waiting to hear more. From Detroit emerged the countries 1st Praise & Worship Leader. Thomas Whitfield & The Whitfield Company. Again, the formula.. music, musicianship, and masterful chorale direction. For D.C. arose a gentleman who was born in Atlanta, GA, but reared and educated right in our backyard. He was the son of a preacher, and had a mother who recognized his gift at a young age. He pioneered a sound all his own, and wrote songs that have been translated into multiple languages. From “Center of My Joy”, “Calvary”, “He’s Able”, “Psalms 8”, & “He Won’t Leave You”. Richard Smallwood raised the standard high. The signature voices of Dottie Jones, Jackie Ruffin, and vocal training of Wesley Boyd changed a generation. Yet again the formula… music, musicianship, and masterful chorale direction Our musical legacy continued with the foundering of a new generation of music, musicianship and masterful chorale direction. In the early 90’s Toby Palmer & Chosen Generation burst onto the DMV music seen. They introduced a new energy, live musical presentation, style & signature sound all their own. Toby Palmer & Chosen Generation has shared platforms with the likes of Yolanda Adams, Pastor Donnie McClurkin, Ron Winans, & Bishop Hezekiah Walker. Toby Palmer & Chosen Generation become a favorite of gospel legend Karen Clark Sheard. This resulted in Chosen Generation being featured with Sheard often during appearances in the DC Metroplex. This gained them national notoriety immediately enabling them to secure of a national recording/distribution deal (CGI/Vectron) as well as acceptance amongst choir aficionado’s. After a thirteen year absence from the gospel music community, and multiple request. Toby Palmer & Chosen Generation have consented to assemble one last time. This will be an evening of nostalgia, high praise supporting a charitable cause. This is an evening you don’t want to miss. It’s Toby & Chosen Generation… “The Reunion Experience”.