The Reunion of Toby Palmer & Chosen Generation
Sunday 08/30
The Reunion of Toby Palmer & Chosen Generation @ The Howard Theatre
$20 / $30
The universal language of music has always had the ability to pierce the heart more quickly than any monologue or oratorical presentation ever could. Something magical happens when the right lyric is coupled with just the right melody at the right time. It’s as if the world is suspended in time. Nothing matters at the moment other than what your ears hear, and your heart feels. It’s even more captivating when you experience this magic in three part harmonies. The controlled brass of the sopranos, paired with the dark rich tones of the altos, along with the male richness of the tenor. Ummm it makes your soul shake on the inside!! Now it takes skill, and persistence to develop a sound that is both signature, yet memorable. This doesn’t just happen by chance. It’s deliberate and intentional. It takes the right chemistry of music, musicianship, along with masterful chorale direction to accomplish such a task. For Chicago it was the impeccable leadership of the late great Rev. Milton Brunson. He presented opportunity to rising producers, and song writers Percy Bady, & Darius Brooks. Together they created something that to date has been often imitated, but never duplicated. “The Thompson Community Singers”. (affectionately known as The Thomies) It was the robe, the song, and the lead vocals from the likes of Kim McFarland, Tina Watson, & Beatrice Gardner that left you waiting to hear more. From Detroit emerged the countries 1st Praise & Worship Leader. Thomas Whitfield & The Whitfield Company. Again, the formula.. music, musicianship, and masterful chorale direction. For D.C. arose a gentleman who was born in Atlanta, GA, but reared and educated right in our backyard. He was the son of a preacher, and had a mother who recognized his gift at a young age. He pioneered a sound all his own, and wrote songs that have been translated into multiple languages. From “Center of My Joy”, “Calvary”, “He’s Able”, “Psalms 8”, & “He Won’t Leave You”. Richard Smallwood raised the standard high. The signature voices of Dottie Jones, Jackie Ruffin, and vocal training of Wesley Boyd changed a generation. Yet again the formula… music, musicianship, and masterful chorale direction Our musical legacy continued with the foundering of a new generation of music, musicianship and masterful chorale direction. In the early 90’s Toby Palmer & Chosen Generation burst onto the DMV music seen. They introduced a new energy, live musical presentation, style & signature sound all their own. Toby Palmer & Chosen Generation has shared platforms with the likes of Yolanda Adams, Pastor Donnie McClurkin, Ron Winans, & Bishop Hezekiah Walker. Toby Palmer & Chosen Generation become a favorite of gospel legend Karen Clark Sheard. This resulted in Chosen Generation being featured with Sheard often during appearances in the DC Metroplex. This gained them national notoriety immediately enabling them to secure of a national recording/distribution deal (CGI/Vectron) as well as acceptance amongst choir aficionado’s. After a thirteen year absence from the gospel music community, and multiple request. Toby Palmer & Chosen Generation have consented to assemble one last time. This will be an evening of nostalgia, high praise supporting a charitable cause. This is an evening you don’t want to miss. It’s Toby & Chosen Generation… “The Reunion Experience”.