Heart by Heart
Sunday 04/19
Heart by Heart @ The Hamilton Live
$20 / $25
“When it comes to Heart By Heart, expect some very skilled dedicated musicians, including original HEART members Mike Derosier and Steve Fossen, who love, respect and honor the songs and historical significance of the music of HEART.” – Heart By Heart Steve Fossen – Bassist (Original, Founding Member of HEART) Michael Derosier – Drummer (Original HEART Member) Somar Macek – Lead Vocals Lizzy Daymont – Guitar, Vocals Randy Hansen – Guitarist Bob Rivers – Keyboards The band HEART was always about love, yearning and passion. Love for music, a yearning for one another and a passion for success. Unlike other bands of its time who were in the business for the fame and glory, HEART truly embodied the essence of its name. Which is why, now, with the second incarnation of the group, that Heart By Heart’s mission is just as pure …with a love for the music of HEART, a yearning for one another and a passion for success that has no boundaries. Heart By Heart was formed by original founding member of HEART Steve Fossen quickly after he began performing with vocalist Somar Macek as a duo at parties and at small venues. Macek would sing HEART songs, tunes that Fossen had not let himself visit musically in years, and immediately felt transported back in time to a familiar place that he had forgotten and had missed so dearly. Fossen relearned his bass parts and the duo began performing the songs publicly. The response was immediate. Suddenly, everyone was requesting that the duo perform HEART songs and the once unassuming couple became Heart By Heart, at Macek’s request because it signified their true feelings for each other. However, the duo configuration wouldn’t last long. After word spread of Fossen and Macek’s magical performances, requests for shows came pouring in from the likes of Dwight Yoakam, high-profile charity fundraisers and acclaimed venues and these required a full, plugged-in band. Fossen then decided to invite friends Mike Derosier, Fossen’s bandmate in HEART, and Randy Hansen, who collaborated with Francis Ford Copalla on “Apolocoplyse Now’ and ultimately helped him with the Academy Award® for Best Original Score Written for a Motion Picture, to round out the band’s rhythm section. The group kept rehearsing and eventually asked famous radio personality Bob Rivers, who has earned several Gold Awards, to lend his skills on the keys for songs like 'Alone' and 'Magic Man'. But it wasn’t until the group was performing at a local show that they finally found what they were missing -- Lizzy Daymont on guitar and vocals. “We were amazed at how well Lizzy knew the songs and one week later she joined us on stage. In fact, when I heard Somar and Lizzy harmonize for the first time I had to hide my face because I started to cry,” said Fossen. With the lineup complete, Heart By Heart’s mission was simple – to create music that was authentic, passionate, and true to HEART’s artistic integrity. After all, Fossen and Derosier, who were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with HEART, would never do the music any injustice. “We don’t consider ourselves a ‘tribute band’ but rather the second incarnation of HEART”, said Fossen. “We don’t dress up or wear dime store wigs. We just play genuinely good music that HEART fans want to hear”. With a steadfast dedication to recreating the music of HEART, Heart By Heart is, once again, reinvigorating fans by not only performing the iconic band’s songs but, more importantly, bringing the essence and purity of the group back to the stage.